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November (1 Entries) »
24Christmas beer 2015 edition

October (1 Entries) »
715 years of Iceland in my life

August (5 Entries) »
5Picture of the week - HDR pictures with gimp
10I trust Simon Pegg with my Star Trek....
17Picture of the week - Pride 2016

July (2 Entries) »
5Writing a book part two - I was so wrong about it being as simple as combining all my blog posts

June (8 Entries) »
8Germany part one: Sun, flowers and ice cream
12Germany part two: visiting an English Krabat
15Germany part three: All of the Milchers
18K&F Concept Pro Lens Mount Adapter for Canon FD, FL Lens to Canon EOS Camera
22Picture of the week - a tree
25To all my UK friends
27To all my English friends
30Writing a book part one - Why?

May (2 Entries) »
1First of May speech
5Going to Germany!

April (5 Entries) »
4Panama Papers Protest
18Bread and Beer based gift society
20The President who wants to be King
22Picture of the week - First day of summer
27A slightly sarcastic review of our new favourite place to drink cocktails

March (4 Entries) »
1Happy Beer Day!
6Ófærð / Trapped and representation
30Ansel Adams inspired pictures of Borgarfjörður on Good Friday

February (2 Entries) »
1Picture of the Week - Sólfar
26Confused familiarity

January (7 Entries) »
8Dutch design
10Picture of the week - Beach in Winter
17Sunrise and Sunset
19Casual Sexism
21Picture of the week - Jokers
26Supermarket woes
29Red Hair

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