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December (9 Entries) »
1The past few months in Iceland...
5Anne of Green Gables
7Picture of the Week - Winter Evening
8Today's weather
10It's a chili pepper!
14Picture of the week - Red Berries
18So I have a new phone number now...
25Picture of the week - Merry Christmas
30Snarky Star Wars thoughts

November (1 Entries) »
13 The darkenss is coming!

September (6 Entries) »
2Picture of the week - Times Square (weeee!)
8Things that make me feel like I'm in a movie
10Pictures of the week - running in Central Park
119/11 Memorial
14New York - by day
15New York - at night

August (11 Entries) »
1My 200th post - Looking back...
5Picture of the week - Tjörnin
7InterNations Interview
8Expat Focus chose my blog as the top blog in Iceland!
11Picture of the week - Hólavallagarður
14Blacklist project frustration
15Fun with flags - and gimp
17Picture of the week - Kría
20Going to USA - Keflavik airport
26Picture of the week - Washington in black and white
28Things that surprised me about Washington/New York

July (12 Entries) »
4Independence day cupcakes
6Picture of the week - campfire
14Picture of the week - Pink Flowers
16Be safe in Iceland
18Being thrifty
20Picture of the week - Klambratún park
22My area - from woody hills to shiny glasstowers
25Vegan Burgers!
27Picture of the week - Vífilstaðir

June (14 Entries) »
8Picture of the week - Sky as a kite Interview
14Strike - update
15Picture of the week - Spring in June
18Þjóðhátíðardagurinn - 17. June
19100 years women's suffrage in Iceland
22Picture of the week - Midsummer
25Vestmanneyjar - Iceland in a nutshell
273 Icelandic figures of speech which amuse me
29Picture of the week - Sheep in the fog

May (9 Entries) »
1I hate power point
6Hänsel und Gretel
11Stræto - a rant
17The best Hamburger of Reykjavík
20Health care in Iceland
24Eurovision - there is no escape.
28xkcd must have found my blog project....
29The curious case of the missing chocolate pudding

April (7 Entries) »
2The best place to get drunk after work in Reykjavík
55 thing I love about living in Reykjavík
8The easter egg limit of Icelandic proficiency
15Changes to commenting
26First day of summer part one - guerrilla gardening
28First day of summer part two - goats!

March (14 Entries) »
2Lýsi week 7
4Colour-coding gender in children clothes
538 Wisdoms I've learned
7Basically McCarthyism
9Lýsi Summary
13Demokratie, nein danke!
16Protests, becoming famous and a correction
16Icelands crazy weather
184 pros and cons of the blog directories I use(d)
21Icelandic Catan
24Here comes the sun....and then immediately hides
26Pirated vegetables
30What the hell does your blog title mean?!?!
31The cost of living in Iceland 2015

February (12 Entries) »
1Lýsi week 3
4Call me immigrant.
6Wannabe Noodle Station Soup
6A new kitchen timer and good wholemeal flour makes bread so much better
8Vegan challenges
8Lýsi week 4
10Cheese extravaganza!
11Ég verð að biðjast afsökunar
16Lýsi week 5
24Lýsi week 6
25Unethical games
27First Rye-Sourdough

January (16 Entries) »
12Tauriel bugs me - the Hobbit movie thoughts
16So it has come to this...
19An outing to a cave in the snow
21Christmas beer day six
21The Icelandic fascination with animal male genitalia
23Happy Bóndadagur to all males!
25Lýsi week 2
27A card carrying member
27Chinese worker's strike update
27An unexpected talk
27Welcome to the police state
27Sending from a squat
27bubbles, growth limits and why lava candle holders are funny
27Becoming a famous blogger
27Opting out
31The dreaded letter

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