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December (3 Entries) »
21Who am I?
27Where am I?
29People congratulating me on the pope

November (7 Entries) »
10I'm old!
19Things that define me
25Christina tägliche Erkenntnis / Christinas daily wisdom
26CSS art
26Airtravel weirdness

October (9 Entries) »
2All I wanted was pasta and a beer!
9Sparkling wine interruption
12All is lost
13Café Haiti
15Community spirit
17Testing a gallery script
17Dogs revisited
21Why you should care about prism, even if you are not an activist
27English teaching ads

September (6 Entries) »
4Border run!
8Robin McKenzie
9What really scares me...
25Early morning philosophy...
26Bin ich eigentlich noch Deutsch?

August (1 Entries) »
14Going back to Iceland

July (3 Entries) »
1Saturday night time travel
7A phone call for lessons
23Still here

June (11 Entries) »
3I cannot get out! -reprise-
6Me puso el piko en el ojo...
8The last two nights this happened:
8Smartphone addicts!
13Apparantly I'm an Icelandic company
14Thinking about the future + pms + wine might be a bad idea
18The city of sleeping dogs
21Stop calling me dilligent!
22sunny days
29A cruel and careless god

May (18 Entries) »
4A long term relationship with the Chilenean sausage
6My house
7A note on availability
7a young entrepreneur...
8Shannon the long suffering guinea pig
12Un día interrumpiendo
12I cannot get out!
19German accents in movies
22a published? programmer
25data dilemmas
26An active day in bed (not what you think! really, there are children reading this blog!)
29Just saying...
29Margarita Martes!
31Offline - again

April (5 Entries) »
24test gallery
25I totally know where my towel is...
31a log in

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