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So about Efling....

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English below

Á þeim tíma sem ég starfaði hjá Eflingu upplifði ég einelti og illa meðferð frá stjórnendum. Ég var rekin tímabundið, meðal annars fyrir að tilheyra stéttarfélagi, og fyrir að gegna hlutverki valins fulltrúa vinnufélaga. Loks var ég rekin því ég svaraði spurningum kjörinna fulltrúa Eflingar um ástæður tímabundins brottrekstrar. Þau hafa borið mig rógi og ásakað mig um að ætla að skaða stéttarfélagið með einhverju utanaðkomandi ráðabruggi, en ég var og er enn ekki tilbúin til þess að afsala mér réttindum mínum til að standast tryggðarpróf vænisjúkra stjórnenda.

Það eru nokkur atriði sem ég vil leggja áherslu á.
1. Núverandi staða skrifstofunnar ýtir undir misbeitingu valds. Mannauðsstjórnunin neitar að upplýsa fólk um réttindi sín, öllu samráði er hafnað og refsað er fyrir beitingu réttinda (svo sem að taka valinn fulltrúa með sér á fundi með mannauðsstjórn eða að gegna hlutverki valins fulltrúa). Það er ekkert ábyrgðarferli til staðar fyrir misbeitingu valds og stjórnin virðist ekki vilja hafa slíkt.
2. Stjórnendur vilja halda völdum og takmarka upplýsingaflæði til kjörinna fulltrúa félagsins. Ég var rekin fyrir að svara spurningum kjörinna fulltrúa. Mér var sér í lagi sagt að halda trúnað um vissa hluti, bæði gagnvart stjórn og trúnaðarráði. Þetta er uppskrift að spillingu.
3. Misbeiting valds og spilling byggjast á að fólk leyfi því að gerast.

In my time working for Efling I experienced bullying and abuse from the leadership. I was put on suspension among other things for belonging to a union and for acting as the chosen representative for a coworker. I finally was fired because I answered questions from elected Efling officials about the reason for my suspension. They have slandered me and accused me of trying to harm the union with some outside agenda, however I was and still am unwilling to surrender my rights as a loyalty test to a paranoid leadership.

There are some points I want to emphasise.
1. The current situation in the office encourages abuses. HR refuses to inform people of their rights, every kind of consultation is denied and using one's rights (such as bringing a chosen representative to meetings with HR or acting as a chosen representatives) are punished. There is no accountability process for abuse and leadership does not want there to be one.
2. Leadership wants to control and restrict information to the democratically elected bodies of the union. I was fired for answering questions from elected officers. I was specifically told to keep things confidential, both towards the board and the council of delegates. This is a recipe for corruption.
3. Abuse and corruption depend on people enabling it.

I continue being famous...

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A year ago 無標題, a journalist student from Taiwan, who visited Andrými interviewed me. Read it. It's very me:

But she thinks that it’s not just tourists’ problem, it’s more of the government’s responsibility. They should have started planning after seeing the tourism boom from 2010. That’s another thing she dislikes about Iceland. They really don’t know how to plan things properly and in advance.

His blog about his Icelandic experience can be found here.

Real life fictional Cornell University

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When I was in university in Amsterdam my brother gave me "Fool on the Hill" from Matt Ruff as a birthday present. I loved the world building and characters (Blackjack the cat!) in this book even though the plot kind of falls apart in the end.
Ever since then I wanted to visit Ithaca / Cornell University. This summer, needing to travel from Sandusky, Ohio to Baltimore, Maryland I decided to plan my route over the Niagra Falls and Ithaca.

The bell tower from which the sprites fly (by bird or glider) all over campus

Arts Quat, where ST George (really) flies his kite and fights a dragon (with a kite, which is even better in German as kite and dragon are both "Drache")

Good to know that eventhough the Bohemian knights never existes, political protest is still alive and well

Ragnaroks bike
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Picture of the week - Narcissus

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Who fell in love with his reflection. I am playing with light painting at the moment, using the last dark nights until 24h sun. These are 10 pictures made with a mirror, a flashlight and a tripod at 70mm/ƒ/11/1s/ISO 100. I then combined them in GIMP to create the last image.

How to edit:
Open the pictures into GIMP as layers and open "windows"-> "layers". Use the "lighten only" mode for all layers except the base layer.
To make the gif I right clicked on a layer and selected "new from visible". I moved the new layer on top (the gif animates from bottom to top) and specified in the layer names the delay between frames eg: "Layer 1 (500ms)". I set the first (combined) image with a longer delay (2000ms). Export as gif and make sure not to check "Use delay entered above for all frames" in the dialogue.


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Our "left"-green prime minister met with Merkel yesterday and among other things asked for assistance to bring Haukur home. She could have brought up German weapons exports to Turkey and their use during the attacks on Afrin. But glass houses and stones, I guess.
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