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Writing a book part two - I was so wrong about it being as simple as combining all my blog posts

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I thought I would just take my old blog posts and clean them up a little, add some stuff and voila - a book.

Then I noticed:
  • My entries are sometimes in past tense, sometimes in present tense, depending how long after the experience I had written the post.

  • Sometimes the post was in first-person voice, sometimes third. Sometimes I was addressing the readers, other times not.

  • A lot of posts had pictures in between "Look how pretty:(picture)".

  • There were no transitions between posts, they just jumped from place A to B to the next.

In the end I had to completely rewrite almost every post and add a lot of descriptions and transitions. Hence the book it not being done yet.

Writing a book part one - Why?

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The last two years I have been working on a book about my travels along the Panamerican Highway.

Here is why:

  1. I really wasn't impressed with the book I read before travelling. It wasn't more informative or adventurous than any Lonely Planet guide. So I thought: "Hey, if that is the level, I can do that!" Mediocrity as motivation.

  2. Travelling as a single female traveller is not a big deal. This needs to be pointed out more. The Lonely Planet (I love bitching about it) for example sees female travellers as a subspecies of the "default" traveller and poses their advice in a special section and not under "dangers and annoyances".

  3. I was already writing a blog about my travels, combining all the posts into a book should be easy, I thought. I was wrong, I will explain how in part two.

To all my English friends

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See previous post....

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To all my UK friends

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My condolences....

Picture of the week - a tree

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For a long time I wanted to take the picture of tree branches against a dark sky. On our Easter trip I finally found a tree standing by its lonesome, sunilight hitting its branches. I used a red filter and thanks to the low sun got a nice gradient effect.

Unedited picture:

Picture after cleaning the background, emphazising contrast and adding a soft light layer with a white to black gradient to enhance the effect.

Same tree taken with a wide lens, large aperture, my favourite setting:

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