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To all my English friends

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To all my UK friends

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My condolences....

Picture of the week - a tree

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For a long time I wanted to take the picture of tree branches against a dark sky. On our Easter trip I finally found a tree standing by its lonesome, sunilight hitting its branches. I used a red filter and thanks to the low sun got a nice gradient effect.

Unedited picture:

Picture after cleaning the background, emphazising contrast and adding a soft light layer with a white to black gradient to enhance the effect.

Same tree taken with a wide lens, large aperture, my favourite setting:

K&F Concept Pro Lens Mount Adapter for Canon FD, FL Lens to Canon EOS Camera

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I used a film camera during my travels. Last summer I bought a Canon DSLR (EOS 100D) and then noticed that my old lenses did not fit. I bought a Sigma zoom lens, which I like a lot, but was missing my old 28mm manual prime lens (and filters) and the different approach one has to taking pictures with it.

So I got a lens adapter and was not disappointed. Here is a picture I made as a test:

It focuses to infinity and has a good sharpness. The only thing to remember when using the adapter is to turn it to "close", other wise it won't be possible to set the aperture and light seeks in creating a soft focus and glow effect. Which can be used creatively, of course :)

Picture of a sofa outside of the fab lab at Hlemmur:

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Germany part three: All of the Milchers

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The actual purpose of my trip to Germany was a family reunion organized by my father for his 70s birthday. It was very relaxed, except for the UNO game in the evening.

UNO games with my family is a tradition and can get intense:

I won and my brother almost cried. It was fun.

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