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Picture of the week - This photo upsets me

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This photo upsets me. I did not have a tripod with me when I made it, so I had to set the exposure really carefully. After editing the RAW picture I was really pleased to see that the inside of the shop was well exposed. And then I noticed that I had not been standing right in front of the shop, so the lanterns were off in relation to the signs behind it. By then I had already left JianShui and there was no way to return and retake the picture. It could have been perfect.


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I experienced a proper attack of lumbago today for the first time! (All my ex-employers are like: "what do you mean by first? how about all the times you called in sick because of back pain?!?!"). I'm excited! It is a proper attack, if I sit too long I have problem getting up and sudden movements are sub-optimal. The pain does not go all the way down the legs, though and I have 0 red flags. (If I had any red flags I would not be excited, but on my way to the hospital). So I did a McKenzie assessment on myself and as I thought I have a posterior derangement (known in German as Hexenschuss, which will be one of the cool words in the new category). I was a bit surprised at how painful bending forward was, I still cannot reach my toes, but I guess this is because of increased pressure on my disc during this movement and not an indication of preferred direction. Further tests confirmed this theory. So I gave myself extension exercises (standing and lying down) to do several times per day and fully expect to be pain free tomorrow, because McKenzie is amazing. Unless I spent too much time sitting down writing blog posts.
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Some updates

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So, I have been thinking about my online future for a bit and (after joining a year ago) will leave Facebook soon. Which means that the blog is going to be THE place for all my terrible opinions again. I will keep up the picture of the week, because I have a lot of pictures from travels left, and they closed my very short lived instagram (I think it got hacked). I am also going to make it a bit less REM centric and introduce a new regular series of cool German words (there are several). And of course there will be posts about politics and general snarkiness.

Picture of the week - Kunming

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Will I ever make it off the island again? Who knows? Anyway, here is a picture I took in Kunming, China. In October 2018. It was 25°C.

It's a collage...

A song for my sister - the song!

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It is done! I recorded and mixed it myself. It has very bad lyrics (basically the first idea that came to mind and rhymed was good enough). The most basic of chord progressions is used (including only I, IV, V and iv) and a melody constructed around the base note of the chords, which is why the melody sounds like something you heard before. The bridge is fun though as are the key changes and I really like the background harmonies, even if it goes strangely "Sound of Music" in parts.

I recorded it with audacity, a program I never used before (it is really easy to use!) in my bedroom. Guitar and voice were recorded together, because I'm lazy and didn't want to deal with 5 tracks (I had three instead, main vocals and rhythm guitar, background vocals and finger picking and second background vocals). Because of this I couldn't use fancy effects on the guitar or voice, so I just cleaned up some background noise and added a reverb from the bridge onward. During the bridge you hear me tapping to count how long to wait for the background vocals to come in. This is the only attempt at keeping the tempo I made, so the whole thing is a bit wonky.

I'm not quitting my day job.

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