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Confused familiarity

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Last Christmas I was in Amsterdam, where I had lived for 3 years during my studies. It was a confusing experience, everything was familiar and yet I ended up getting completely lost.
The last two day I spent setting up a server and moving my blog as the laptop I had it on (I'm running this blog on an old laptop from home using pagekite) finally broke after being constantly running for 90% of the last 4 years. As a part time geek I have long stretches of time I am not working with servers, perl scrips and the like, so my experience is always very much like being in Amsterdam. Everything is familiar and yet I am confused.

Anyway, now that I'm back I can catch up on posts I meant to write last month. I will be writing about the inadequacies of Icelandic Karneval, board games and my usual politics and geekery.
And of course there will be more pictures.

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Picture of the Week - Sólfar

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Solfár (Sun Voyager) on Sæbraut in bad weather.

I have a new camera lens, which can have a larger aperture and wider lens than my old one. Both are shot at f2.8 - 3.5 at 50mm lens and 17mm lens with a red filter (to get the dramatic sky).

Red Hair

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I bought Henna when I was in the Netherlands and my ex-flatmate helped me dye my hair, thoroughly amusing my current one, as dying hair with Henna basically looks as if someone is plastering mud in your hair. It was worth it though, I am completely happy to be a red head again.

Red was my go to hair colour ever since I started colouring my hair. Many of my childhood heroines had red hair (Anne of Green Gables, Pipi Langstrumpf, die rote Zora, Arielle, Scully) and I have happily bought into the trope that having red hair means being proactive / rebellious / independent.

Also I really love the way Henna smells and after all the bleaching to be blond it is time to be good to my hair again.
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Supermarket woes

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I have a begrudging respect for the shoplifter who had stolen one of the ice cream bars from the 3 bar package I bought the other day. Very sneaky, though one less ice cream for me

Bónus and me we do not completely agree on the state broccoli should be in when sold. I think it should be mold free, but Bónus clearly disagrees as I have to discover every single time I buy broccoli there. Which is sad, because it is one of my favourite vegetables....
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Picture of the week - Jokers

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I used to collect jokers. I brought them with me when I came back to Iceland after Christmas, hung them up and got arty with my camera and a candle.

Exposure time 15 sec. I bought myself a tripod in Germany, which was very useful.

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