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Cool German words - Schweinehund

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The inner Schweinehund (pig-dog), is your inner couch potato you have to struggle against in order to fulfill your New Years resolution. Happy 2021. Let's see how long I can keep up the regular yoga exercises I decided to do after I got my Hexenschuss.

Cool German words - Totschlagargument

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Literally killdead argument is an argument that is a sure win in any discussion. I used it the other day in a video about strikes in Iceland (I'm becoming an internet star, something I will talk about in a later post). In Iceland inflation is the argument to end all arguments, if you are against any policy all you have to do is show that it will lead to inflation and the policy will be rejected, no matter how sensible it is otherwise (another Totschlagargument in Iceland is independence. In Germany, where we are less afraid of hyperinflation (because we do not try to maintain a currency with a population of 350.000) the Totschlagargument is "it will lose (or create) jobs", an argument that was used for all the new labour measures introduced in the 90s and any other kind of business friendly (and anti worker) policy. In both countries these arguments are regularly used to explain why the minimum wage cannot be a living wage.

Cool German words - Hexenschuss

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A case of sudden onset lumbago, characterized by sudden inability to move.

It literally means "a shot of a witch" (not the injection shot, but the gun kind of shot). Considering the sudden onset of this kind of lumbago, usually without any discernible cause, one can imagine why it was imagined to be the result of some witch cursing someone. Nowadays we have obviously a much better understanding of back pain and after one week of diligently doing my exercises I'm almost completely back to normal.
I'm pretty sure my utter lack of any kind of regular exercise is more to blame for this incident of back pain than some random witch.

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