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The downside of being too geeky

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The world has decided that if I act like a geek, I should look the part as well. Last week I went to a physiotherapist convention and had a hard time with all the power point presentations. I sat in the back for the first two and then got too annoyed with trying too read something out of focus and put myself in the first row. Still squinting, though. I left the convention a bit wiser about how to treat chronic back pain, armed with cold spray and tape (why they were not distributing nice smelling massage oil is beyond me), a slight headache and the realisation that I need glasses.
I had noticed that reading street signs when driving was getting difficult, but I had thought this was due to my inability to do two things at once. Now I noticed more and more how I have problems focusing, so I should get myself to an optician.
I think I will get glasses with a thick black frame and maybe even grow a beard...
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My colours

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It's my lunch break. I was looking up a question I had about the "code" tag in HTML on stackoverflow, when I came across this thread.

I could not resist and tried my own name. Amazingly I have the same colour as Chuck Norris. See:
Chuck Norris
Christina Anna Milcher

See the link for the explanation. Separately written my name looks like this:
Christina (#C0 00 00) Anna (#A0 0A 00) Milcher (#00 C0 00)

My family:
Heinrich (My father)
Katharina (my Mother)

Here is the code for the above (by me!):

 < div name="colour" style="display:inline" >
 < input id="colour"  type="text" />
 < button onClick="colourName()" > See your colour </button> </div >
 < div id="some" style="display:inline"> </div >

function colourName(){
var colour=document.getElementById('colour').value;
var div = document.getElementById('some');
div.innerHTML = ' <font color="'+colour+'">'+colour+'  </font>';
 </script >  

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Today jappix introduced mandatory encryption. All my contacts show as offline. All gmail. No idea what to do... Tried different clients, even the main one from, but no difference.

Is there anybody out there ?

Update: Apparently this is only temporary, see here
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Testing a gallery script

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When I included PrettyPhoto in the blog it was mainly lazyness. I have been playing around with CSS for a bit now, and hopefully will be able to have lightboxes without javascript.
Javascript is for the lazy.

Here is the first test:



this should be a text boxwrite with bbcode just
like any post

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All is lost

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I have done it. I'm beyond saving. I compiled emacs from source and am now playing around with it. I have crossed the bridge to utter nerdom. Years later they will say it was inevitable. The next time you will see me I will wear a t-shirt with either some sort of pop-culture reference and/or programming joke. I will have wild hair, glasses and a beard as personal grooming only gets in the way of finding the most efficient way to download internet porn. My main nutrition will involve pizza and BAWLS (what the heck is that?) and my main topic of conversation will be how the lizard people are trying to take us over with chemtrails.

And I will finally find the "3 Logicians enter a bar" joke funny.


Or I will have been killed by any of my nerd friends for this post
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