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today is the second day I'm going to set up my little bread stall on the street. Yesterday I ran out of bread after just 40 min, which kind of surprised me, as Chile is not a rye bread country. And I did have some to try, so people knew what they were buying! It goes to show I guess, that there is an interest in home baked goods, rather than supermarket bread.
It helps that my bread is awesome of course!

I'm not making enough money to be independent from my inheritance yet, but today I'm also going to look into making postcards from my pictures and I might start working in a brewery/pub. The pe_pplog version 1 is almost ready as well, but I won't make any money of that, I would already be awfully proud if there was one other person but me using it...

a log in

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I finally wrote a log in and log out script for the blog.
I was trying to go for simplistic, but secure and without the need to install more modules (as this would have put me off from using the blog when I first started my internet presence...)

so here is my script:
my $cookie=cookie('admin');

my $form_pass = r('password');
my $value = crypt(rand(999999), $config_randomString);

if (r('do')eq 'log_out'){
unlink "$config_commentsDatabaseFolder/log_in.txt";
$cookie = cookie(-name=>'admin', value=>'log out', expires=>'-1d');
print "<br />You have logged out. Goodbye!";

if (r('process')eq 'log_in'){
if ($form_pass eq $config_adminPass){
open FILE, "+>$config_commentsDatabaseFolder/log_in.txt";
print FILE $value;
close FILE;
$cookie = cookie( -name => 'admin',
-value => $value );
print "<br />You are logged in. Welcome!";
else { print '<br />Wrong password!';}
open FILE, "$config_commentsDatabaseFolder/log_in.txt";
while (<FILE>){$value = $_ ;}
close FILE;

unless ($cookie eq $value || $form_pass eq $config_adminPass){
print '<form method="post">
<h1>Type in your password:</h1><br />
<input type="text" name="password">
<input name="process" type="hidden" id="process" value="log_in">
<input type="submit" name="Submit" type="hidden" value="log in"></form>';

I really don't know if this is a good way of doing this, comments are very much welcome, but be gentle!
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test gallery

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Where is the previous post? you might wonder... Well, I have been testing out a script (the one I'm using now) to generate a gallery and the old post was overwritten. So here is goes again, welcome to my new blog, the old one is at or you can check if there are new entries on the travel blog using the rss feed in the menu.
In the next few days I will be reposting all the missing pictures on the travel blog (this is what the script was for...) and this blog is supposed to be my diary for my day to day life. If I do not keep deleting the posts...

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More geekery and a homeless cat

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the epic of the nooby vs the / - 9 Dec 2011, 2:32
I installed a different server, because my old one did not have the zip module installed in PHP (it came packaged together) and switching server was easier than trying to compile or recompile php or go package hunting. Which is a bit sad, because I liked Hiawatha as a server. It did take me 3 days to configure it, not because it is difficult, but because I'm really thick sometimes.The configuration for the virtual host looks like this (in the config file under /etc/hiawatha)
VirtualHost {

Hostname =
WebsiteRoot = /var/www/
AccessLogfile = /var/www/
ErrorLogfile = /var/www/
ShowIndex = yes

mine looked like this:
VirtualHost {

Hostname =
WebsiteRoot = /var/www/
StartFile =
AccessLogfile = /var/www/
ErrorLogfile = /var/www/
ExecCGI = yes

ShowIndex = yes is for if you want to see directories; ExecCGI = yes is for if a special "language" is used, my blog is written in Perl, and I need to specify a StartFile as the server otherwise only looks for index.html or index.php when is asked for. So what was my mistake? It took me three days and lots of rewriting of the config file to find. At WebsiteRoot (the path to where the website is on the computer) there is a / in the end. This confused my server enough to present me with error message after error message. And made me read lots of man pages. And now I changed to Apache, so it all starts again

A gallery and a homeless cat - 10 Dec 2011, 22:41
I have a gallery now, which is funny, because I never take any photographs and my camera is analog, with film and developing and everything. But I have to show it off, because I had to edit the perl script for this blog (although what I edited, was I think html, it was the underlined line:

<body><div id=all><div id=menu>
<h1>Main Menu</h1>
<a href=?page=1>Home</a>
<a href=?do=newEntry>New Entry</a>
<a href=?do=archive>Archive</a>
<a href="">Gallery</a>
<a href="?do=RSS">RSS Feeds</a>

and I made the gallery fit to my blog with playing around with css scripts. The only public picture is my poor little kitty. No privacy for her, I'm still desperately trying to find a new home for her, so if anybody reads this:HELP!!!!!
I did sell my car today though, so from next Thursday on my hitchhiking days are back on!

Pure desperation - 12 Dec 2011, 15:55
My add in the local "paper"

frítt nudd!
Frítt nudd gefins fyrir hann/hún sem gefur kisu mín nyja heimili. Hún er þrjú ár gömul, lítil og kelin. Klósetti, leikföng og skálar fylgja með. Mynd af henni er hér: Hafa samband við Christinu: 8658068,

And anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a very massage adverse physio...

And this is the only kind of massage I'm talking about, I'm not that desperate to get rid of my cat (yet).

gone - 13 Dec 2011, 17:10
My kitty is gone. Just when I got VERY anxious she was adopted by a nice family and now lives on a farm (a real one, euphemism). She did not like to leave though, scratched me as a goodbye present as she was scared to be carried out of the flat, and the last thing I heard from her was a heartbreaking meow. But as Ulli pointed out, she will probably be much happier, having mice to catch, space to run around and even a little sister to push around. But I will miss having something cute and furry to cuddle with when I come home.

Things I love - 13 Dec 2011, 16:53
changing to linux had many effects on me. It made me understand my computer better, it lessened my helplessness if sth went wrong and it made it possible to use my computer for more (like writing a blog, or having my data available on the web or having an alarm clock :)
But most of all, it made me love more. I love the puppy linux community, helpful and friendly, no matter how stupid the question is. Today I gave back to the community by posting my "getting the headphones to work by remastering with a new kernel and making it hibernate on the way" solution.
I love ffmpeg, now all my music is in flac format after running this script:
find . -iname \*.wav -exec ffmpeg -i \{\} \{\}.flac \;

it is so much fun to type something into the terminal and suddenly see changes magically appear. How do you convert files from wav to flac in windows?
There is Scribus, which is such a relieve to use after years with Words and painful months with Abiword (honestly, this program is written by people who hate anyone who wants to use a picture or a table or, god forbid, a flowchart in their document. And anything over 5 pages is punished by random font changes) and R, which always surprises me with having a simple solution for something I thought would be horribly complicated to execute, almost a built in dwim command.
But my latest love is the sendmail hack from Bjarni:

cat >>/root/Mail/fake-email.txt

after hours of fighting with permissions (more about this some other time) I finally got friendica installed just to notice that it sends my password with sendmail when I register. Which i didn't have nor ever use. The thought of spending time on finding and installing another program, trying to get it to run,and probably google a lot and read man pages for the sake of one password made me go and whine to Bjarni for help.
Thank you

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