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It is possible to delete everything - 26 Nov 2011, 15:51
and there is no backup!
So now it will remain a mystery forever, what was written on this blog 10 min ago.

It wasn't important anyway...

Everything seems to be working - 28 Nov 2011, 12:33
and I'm impressed with myself. The first thing I did (and suddenly I have this weird deja vu, that i might have written this on this blog before)was to install and get pagekite running. Which was ridiculously easy. Basically it required typing path/to/ into a console and then follow the instructions. I even managed to make it start on boot, by writing a "script" (I'm so proud) with one line which I put into the folder /root/startup:
/path/to/ 80 AND 8080 

the first is this page, running on port 80, the second on 8080 is piggydb, a note taking /wiki /database thingy, which I use for university notes.
Installing that was easy as well, basically extract to /root/ and make sure you have java installed. No start at boot file for this, lectures are finished for now.

Anyway, this is probably not going to be interesting for anyone who reads this, but in case I have to do all of this again (which is likely, considering my tendency to break my system) I really do not want to go back to reading man pages, especially after trying to configure my server, but I'm not going into that now, it's lunchtime...

I'm no fun - 28 Nov 2011, 18:11
apparently I did not allow smilies for this blog, so no silliness please!
Being the administrator also means that at least in this corner of the internet MY interpretation of the world is the only valid one. I can delete comments, even ban people (actually, it is possible to ban people, but I have now idea how, so everyone behave!) and edit entries when and how I want, so no free speech, only Christina speech here mhuahahahah!

ok I allowed smilies, I'm a benign dictator

prettier - 29 Nov 2011, 18:35
I beautified the blog, by editing a css scrip

I like it, it's green!

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