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Sunrise and Sunset

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Today sunrise is at 10:54 and sunset at 16:21. Despite my efforts to fight the dark I feel my energy levels are depleting.
I'm still taking Lýsi though I found out that there is no conclusive evidence that it has any effect on SAD or depression in general. However there is evidence for cardiovascular benefits (and as a non-smoker, normal to low blood pressure person without history of heart disease in the family, I should really be careful, I guess) and lower risk for several kinds of cancer. Not that this is something I will try to make a blogging experiment of, but I guess I'll notice in 10-20 years whether the spoonful of dish washing liquid like substance was worth it.
For now all I can do is enjoy sunny days as much as I can and hope for the 22nd of January (sunset at 16:41, one minute after I leave work) and the 3rd of March (why did I have to look this up?), when the sun rises before I start work for the first time.
There has been some debate in Iceland whether to implement daylight savings time (which I think is not a good idea) or just changing to the UTC-1 timezone altogether (the UTC was partly adopted to make business with the UK easier, though Iceland's position is way further west, as can be seen below).

I'm all for that, stupid British people, not letting me see sun for 5 months.
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Picture of the week - Beach in Winter

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This winter has been really nice weather wise. Lots of sun and snow. We went to Nautholtvík a geothermal beach today to enjoy some sun, though it was much too cold for swimming and the hot pot was empty.

So I have a new phone number now...

No comments sim card never worked outside of Iceland and yesterday I went to Siminn to fix this. Coming into the shop I was first of all dumbfounded by the fact that they wanted me to type in my kennitala to get a number to be served. One of the attendants saw my confused face and I told her about my errand. For some reason a credit card was needed to make my sim card work abroad and as luck had it I even had mine with me. But as it was not an Icelandic credit card I suddenly ended up in a Little Britain sketch.
I thanked the (to her credit flustered) attendant, went out of the shop, into the adjacent phone shop (Nova), took a number by pressing a button, asked for a prepaid sim card which works abroad, got one, paid and left without ever having to give a kennitala, Icelandic credit card or anything else.

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Picture of the week - Red Berries

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Iceland has been ridiculously winter wonderlandish the last two weeks.

Today's weather

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Iceland might fly off today, expect us to be found somewhere in North America (maybe California? we could use some sun!). Seriously though hurricane like winds all over Iceland and in many parts electricity is out (not here though).
I have never seen orange on this map before:

Image from
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