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So I have a new phone number now...

No comments sim card never worked outside of Iceland and yesterday I went to Siminn to fix this. Coming into the shop I was first of all dumbfounded by the fact that they wanted me to type in my kennitala to get a number to be served. One of the attendants saw my confused face and I told her about my errand. For some reason a credit card was needed to make my sim card work abroad and as luck had it I even had mine with me. But as it was not an Icelandic credit card I suddenly ended up in a Little Britain sketch.
I thanked the (to her credit flustered) attendant, went out of the shop, into the adjacent phone shop (Nova), took a number by pressing a button, asked for a prepaid sim card which works abroad, got one, paid and left without ever having to give a kennitala, Icelandic credit card or anything else.

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Picture of the week - Red Berries

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Iceland has been ridiculously winter wonderlandish the last two weeks.

Today's weather

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Iceland might fly off today, expect us to be found somewhere in North America (maybe California? we could use some sun!). Seriously though hurricane like winds all over Iceland and in many parts electricity is out (not here though).
I have never seen orange on this map before:

Image from
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Picture of the Week - Winter Evening

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... also known as 3pm

The past few months in Iceland...

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... went really quickly. Iceland turned from this:

to this:

I moved house and now have a landlord (lady actually) who is not an asshole. Sadly I lost my dutch flatmate on the way (I really should have indexed my boxes). She lives with her boyfriend now, but we have a weekly brunch and go swimming every Tuesday. It is really good to have some motivation to stay active in winter and I am practicing to be able to do front crawl without drowning. I'm getting there.
My new house is awesome, it has floor heating and a dishwasher,. The latter motivates me to make lots of vegan drinks or spreads with my food processor. At some point I might put recipes on this blog, especially of my milk substitutes (oat, rice or coconut), which I like a lot.
University is over for this winter and I'm happier than ever to have chosen the Public Health course. after getting all excited about epidemiology and statistics last spring this semester I got to write a paper about the Millennium Development Goals and the previous post was part of learning how to use social media for health campaigns.
Not that using social media for campaigns is completely new for me, as we had done this with the IWW. We had another workers rights information event with the public library and even got a new member and a pretty logo!

In other news, the first snow storm just happened and Anonymous shut down government and restaurant websites to oppose whaling.
Iceland made news in the past months with a grassroot movement aimed at convincing the government to accept more than the previously planned 50 refugees from Syria. Facebook pages were founded, protests organised and lots of people offered to take refugees into their homes or signed up with the red cross as a volunteer. While the movement was used as another promotion for the liberal paradise that Iceland presents itself abroad, the Directorate of Immigration kept invoking the Dublin regulation whenever they can and the government kept dragging their feet until they finally decided to up the number of refugees they are going to accept from 50 to 200, celebrating themselves as humanist, while every other Nordic country accepts proportionally a lot more.

The police quietly decided to have weapons in the car now, despite falling crime rates, showing some impeccable timing after the Paris attacks.

As every year the Ikea Christmas goat burned down. All I can say about this incident is that my flatmate was installing Christmas lights the day before at IKEA....

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