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Birds are singing outside my window in the morning. The sun is shining and I stopped wearing long underwear. A part of me has difficulty believing that winter is really over and the rest of me feels like taunting Icelandic winter "you tried to brake me? Well, watch me enjoying the sun!"
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Ófærð / Trapped and representation

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So I have been watching the acclaimed new Icelandic TV series Ófærð or Trapped for English speakers. It is a good Scandinavian crime/thriller kind of series in the style of Arnaldur Indriðason, complete with xis-gendered, male lead whose marriage just failed and whose career suffered due to a mistake, which haunts him, jadajadajada...
It captures the claustrophobia of snowed in Icelandic small towns pretty well. Having lived in Blönduós I feel I can make that assessment.
However, having lived in a small Icelandic town I was a bit disappointing with the only foreigners represented being criminals (a hilarious caricature of eastern European (Lithuanian) mafioso, I'm sure the 1,683 Lithuanians living in Iceland were pleased) or victims of human trafficking (because all black women are). There are no immigrants anywhere, despite the fact that there are 25.000 (7.4%) of us. In a cast of 30 (only counting Icelandic adults) there should be two immigrants if it were to represent Icelandic reality.
To any film makers in Iceland, I volunteer to be your foreign cast member, as long as it won't be a tourist, criminal or victim. Please acknowledge my existence...

Happy Beer Day!

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Today, 27 years ago beer was legalized again in Iceland, after several years of being the only alcoholic drink prohibited, due to a variety of circumstances.

Beer replaced spirits as the most popular drink in Iceland as soon as it was legalized and if you ever tried Icelandic Brennevín (also called Black Death, an Icelandic Schnapps) you can understand why.

Icelandic alcohol consumption has been mainly increasing in the past 27 years, a rather untypical development for a European country. There is currently a proposal being prepared by an MP of the Independence party to allow for alcohol to be sold in stores (atm the selling of alcohol is only allowed by the State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland), despite there being overwhelming evidence that availability of alcohol in stores leads to an increase in total alcohol consumption and especially heavy episode drinking. Binge drinking is already a problem in Iceland, with 1/4th of all adults engaging in binge drinking once a month and 1/3rd of drinkers only.

Having said all that, I am a fan of Icelandic beer and look forward to being able to walk to the store and get a beer when I feel like it.

Picture of the Week - Sólfar

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Solfár (Sun Voyager) on Sæbraut in bad weather.

I have a new camera lens, which can have a larger aperture and wider lens than my old one. Both are shot at f2.8 - 3.5 at 50mm lens and 17mm lens with a red filter (to get the dramatic sky).

Sunrise and Sunset

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Today sunrise is at 10:54 and sunset at 16:21. Despite my efforts to fight the dark I feel my energy levels are depleting.
I'm still taking Lýsi though I found out that there is no conclusive evidence that it has any effect on SAD or depression in general. However there is evidence for cardiovascular benefits (and as a non-smoker, normal to low blood pressure person without history of heart disease in the family, I should really be careful, I guess) and lower risk for several kinds of cancer. Not that this is something I will try to make a blogging experiment of, but I guess I'll notice in 10-20 years whether the spoonful of dish washing liquid like substance was worth it.
For now all I can do is enjoy sunny days as much as I can and hope for the 22nd of January (sunset at 16:41, one minute after I leave work) and the 3rd of March (why did I have to look this up?), when the sun rises before I start work for the first time.
There has been some debate in Iceland whether to implement daylight savings time (which I think is not a good idea) or just changing to the UTC-1 timezone altogether (the UTC was partly adopted to make business with the UK easier, though Iceland's position is way further west, as can be seen below).

I'm all for that, stupid British people, not letting me see sun for 5 months.
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