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3 Icelandic figures of speech which amuse me

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Ég stend á öndinni

Literally: "I'm standing on the breath", but can also mean "I'm standing on the duck"
Means: I don't get it
German equivalent: Ich stehe auf dem Schlauch
Why I think it is funny: I always picture someone standing on the head of a duck looking confused.

Það er of seint í rassin grípið

Literally: "This is grabbing your ass too late."
Means: Someone trying to prevent a mistake after it happened
German equivalent: none - we Germans do everything on time, of course!
Why I think it is funny: It refers to someone grabbing their ass after they shat their pants trying to prevent it.

Hann er eins og snytur út úr nefiniu á honum

Literally: "He is like a snot out of his nose"
Means: He looks exactly alike him.
German equivalent: Er ist ihm wie aus dem Gesicht geschnitzt
Why I think it is funny: Actually I think it is rather disgusting. The German one translates to: "He is like he was carved out of his face." which is much nicer.

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This is one of my favourite shirts, given to me from a friend. Has anyone else noticed that English speakers seem to be obsessed with cookie inspired figures of speech?

  • tough cookie

  • smart cookie

  • that's the way the cookie crumbles

  • caught with the hand in the cookie jar

  • website cookies

  • what, do you want a cookie now? (as a sarcastic comment)

  • cookie-cutter houses or other things that all look alike.

  • come to the dark side: we have cookies.

The only German cookie related figure of speech i can think of is:
  • Du gehst mir auf den Keks! (You are stepping on my cookie = you are annoying me)

We Germans are so much fun...

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