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Picture of the week - High Key Lake

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A bit grainy, but what can ya do?

Picture of the Week - Lonely Mountain

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turns out the area between Mývatn and Egilsstaðir is perfect to take pictures of nothing.

Picture of the Week - High Key Desert

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We went through the desolated landscape of the North/East of Iceland on the way to Egilsstaðir. It was perfect to do some high key photography.

Picture of the week - Narcissus

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Who fell in love with his reflection. I am playing with light painting at the moment, using the last dark nights until 24h sun. These are 10 pictures made with a mirror, a flashlight and a tripod at 70mm/ƒ/11/1s/ISO 100. I then combined them in GIMP to create the last image.

How to edit:
Open the pictures into GIMP as layers and open "windows"-> "layers". Use the "lighten only" mode for all layers except the base layer.
To make the gif I right clicked on a layer and selected "new from visible". I moved the new layer on top (the gif animates from bottom to top) and specified in the layer names the delay between frames eg: "Layer 1 (500ms)". I set the first (combined) image with a longer delay (2000ms). Export as gif and make sure not to check "Use delay entered above for all frames" in the dialogue.

Picture of the week - Reykjavík in Black and White

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I made that picture last year when winter actually had snow. This year it was mainly rain and storms. Last week there was even a thunderstorm, which I have never experienced in Iceland. Thunderstorms occur when cool air collides with warm air. One of those is rare in Iceland.

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