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Picture of the week - Girl at pool

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All the things I miss: family, sun and woods

Picture of the week - Hvalfjörður in the evening

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Picture of the week - Volcano (edited)

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This picture is edited together from several pictures of the volcano, making the eruption look bigger (see the previous picture for comparison). I also worked with several layers to deal with the extreme difference in light, wanting to keep some details of the black lava, wanted to have the snow look brighter, without having the eruption being overexposed and finally bringing out the blue in the sky for some more contrast. Basically all the work professionals would put into the picture (with less skill involved).


Then I converted it into black and white, 66.6% red channel and 33.3% blue (I could not do 100% red, as there would have been too much noise. Should have converted the raw picture, or even better, take a black and white picture in camera.)


Now that I have some more knowledge what to focus on, next trip I can bring a tripod and put the right settings in the camera.

Picture of the week - Volcano under the moon

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So romantic....

Picture of the week - Volcano in Snow

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