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Picture of the week - First day of summer

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Yesterday was the first day of summer. Here are some pictures from our garden. Soon we will be able to have our first BBQ!

Ansel Adams inspired pictures of Borgarfjörður on Good Friday

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This Good Friday we went for an "outing" (as my ex-flatmate calls it). The weather was actually really sunny, but I had just seen a documentary on Ansel Adams, so instead of cheery and sunny I went for dramatic and black and white. Both pictures were taken with a wide lens (23mm), aperture of f8 (as large a depth of field I could get in this light from a moving car) with a red filter and increased contrast.

Picture of the Week - Sólfar

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Solfár (Sun Voyager) on Sæbraut in bad weather.

I have a new camera lens, which can have a larger aperture and wider lens than my old one. Both are shot at f2.8 - 3.5 at 50mm lens and 17mm lens with a red filter (to get the dramatic sky).

Picture of the week - Jokers

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I used to collect jokers. I brought them with me when I came back to Iceland after Christmas, hung them up and got arty with my camera and a candle.

Exposure time 15 sec. I bought myself a tripod in Germany, which was very useful.

Picture of the week - Beach in Winter

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This winter has been really nice weather wise. Lots of sun and snow. We went to Nautholtvík a geothermal beach today to enjoy some sun, though it was much too cold for swimming and the hot pot was empty.

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