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Picture of the week - Two edits

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Both of these pictures are my more successful attempts at creative photo editing. Both are also just simply two layers the previous is a picture of flying birds with an overlay of a concrete wall and the second is an image with its mirror image.



Picture of the week - Once upon a time in America

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A few summers go I visited my friends in Ohio, who own a food truck. It was the first time I shot in raw format and was immediately convinced by it, as I could bring out the shadowy inside of the food truck.



Picture of the week - More volcano pictures!

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Y'all didn't really think I was done with volcano related posts? I went last month for the second time. This time we could see the lava flow and made some perfect pictures:



Picture of the week - Birds in Flight

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Both pictures are 20 - 40 pictures combined to show the flight paths of birds in front of Reykjavik harbour.



Picture of the week - Trees and me

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