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I continue being famous...

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A year ago 無標題, a journalist student from Taiwan, who visited Andrými interviewed me. Read it. It's very me:

But she thinks that it’s not just tourists’ problem, it’s more of the government’s responsibility. They should have started planning after seeing the tourism boom from 2010. That’s another thing she dislikes about Iceland. They really don’t know how to plan things properly and in advance.

His blog about his Icelandic experience can be found here.


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The one thing that these elections have told me is that the Icelandic Pirates are more than willing to throw the rights of foreigners and asylum seekers under the bus.


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I was proven wrong. Elections are going to be on the 29th. Not that a dirty foreigner like me can actually vote, I just have to hope that everyone else is not going to fuck this up again.


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Do I think @sjalfstaedisfl and @framsokn will keep it's promise of an autumn election? No, no I don't.


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I finally got my MMR Vaccine today. I was an absolute cry baby about it, not because of anti-vaccine hysteria, but because I don't like shots. At least as a kid I got sweets afterwards, now I just get laughed at...

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