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Do I think @sjalfstaedisfl and @framsokn will keep it's promise of an autumn election? No, no I don't.


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I finally got my MMR Vaccine today. I was an absolute cry baby about it, not because of anti-vaccine hysteria, but because I don't like shots. At least as a kid I got sweets afterwards, now I just get laughed at...


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Dear @Landlords: This might surprise you, but I also need a place to live from Mai to September. #IhateAirBnB

Dear @Háskóli_Íslands: Don't you think that after 7 years of working and paying taxes in Iceland you could decide to let me pay 75.000kr to study and not treat me like you can't wait for me to #gobackhome? ok thx bye

Mrs smartypants

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The point of twitter and facebook is not to be honest, but self referential while pretending to be talking about something else.


and yes, this is also why I blog (like everyone else)...

12.02.14 - 14.03.14

No comments it is nice to have an early weekend :)

... Today I'm staying at home because I was throwing up the last two days. Might be nothing might be Nora (doubt it), but I don't let my patient take the risk...

It makes me angry when anti-vaccination people call it a personal decision and completely ignore herd-immunity. When I started working in the hospital I got flu-shots. Because I don't want my patients to die...

Saturday... Of course something is going on tonight without me. #Exclusion

After all the time I spent on the internet I still haven't learned not to feed the #troll

I just noticed that I do not have the equipment to make pancakes after making pancake dough. #Fail

My kennitala is a #PrimeNumber. Cool.

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