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Erin is gone and I should have time now to write more posts, but I have been knitting diligently as I was close to running out of gloves to sell. (Un)fortunately when I set down my stall today the just finished gloves where ripped out of my hands, which means a) I had money for a nice bottle of wine and b) that I spent another evening knitting. Anyway, tomorrow I should finally release a beta version of version2 of the blog *proud*, and sometime this week there will be posts on the travel blog about Erin's and my journey, highlights include us sitting in a wooden boat on the pacific with Orcas playing around us and me not throwing up.

I'm currently all alone in the flat , yesterday the guy who always randomly shows up showed up to clean the apartment as someone was coming to look at a room, but they didn't. But I have a clean kitchen now, so no complains. Sra Luz also happened across my small and beloved electric heater, which means now there is a paper with house rules on the wall forbidding the use of electric heaters, which I make a point of ignoring.
There is still the possibility of Spiderman becoming my new flatmate.

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