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Sending from a squat

This is like the nicest squat ever, we have heating (fortunately, this is Iceland), electricity, water, even internet. It is an office building, where our union had a space. It is a nice space, with a kitchen and a cool view.

We were kicked out because it is going to be turned into a hostel (surprise, surprise, Iceland is turning into Belgium sea side towns, tourist shops and hotel minus any life).
We decided to take a stand and stay and make art.
We brainstormed:

and I wrote it up to a manifesto, which can me found here.

We made some "art", so we would have something to show when the landlord comes by:

This is my "piece", death of an alien by bureaucracy (about Icelandic immigration policy)

There are a lot of empty rooms for people to get creative in:

We have been getting some real positive press. And have been organising events, like movie nights, a concert tomorrow and free painting. We have a free shop, taking care of a homeless cat and there is always food and music going on. The landlord was happy to let us stay for now, but obviously that might change any day, it all depends how fast he gets permissions from the city to turn it into a hostel. Then the question is: do we stand and fight or does our little community move on. One thing is clear, people have been meeting and collaborating here, who had not done so before. Ideas were born and plans made. This might turn into something good, in however form.

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