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Christmas beer day two

Yesterday (Friday) we all get together for a dinner in our little family. While we ate delicious vegan food we shared a bottle of Gull Christmas beer.
It is a stronger lager (5.4%) with added orange peels. One thing I noticed positively about Icelandic Christmas beer is that except for the one from Egils, they all use non-artificial flavours.
The beer smells citrousy and one can taste a hint of orange.
Christmassiness: Orange is a Christmas taste and as it helps that it is a bit darker
Tastiness: It does taste strongly like a Gull Lager beer, which I do not really like (I do not like lager beer in general) and even objectively is not a very nice beer.

After some consideration this is our rating so far:

  1. Víking jólabjór (though it is not Christmassy it the one we are most likely to order in a bar)

  2. Gull jólabjór (I don't like it, but if you like lager it is drinkable)

  3. Egils Malt jólabjór (waaaaay to sweet)

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