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Christmas beer day four

Back to big, commercial breweries. I learned today that Borg brewery is a sister company of Egils, the company responsible for the disgusting Malt Christmas beer and Gull Christmas beer. Borg however specialises in artisan beer. Their first beer was Brío, a German style Pilsner, which won some prices. Their Christmas beer is called "þvörusleikir" which translates to "Spoon-Licker" and is one of the 13 Icelandic Yule Lads, Santa Claus like pranksters, each with their own version of OCD. For example, one steals candles, another looks through windows and the Spoon-Licker licks spoons.

The description of Þvörusleikir was quite extensive, it was supposed to have hints of mango and peach with an aftertaste of oak and intense hops with mild roasted undertones.
It is strong (7%) red and smokey. It was matured in oak barrels. I could definitely taste the roasted hops and oak. My flatmate claims she tasted the mango and peach as well. She was very partial to the beer, which was too bitter and smokey for me.

Christmassiness: In her attempt to convince me to give the beer the second place my flatmate pointed out that a) the smokey flavour has something cosy and wintery and b) the colour (dark red) is very Christmassy (reaching for straws are we?)
Tastiness: It has a very interesting taste. I could imagine people who like whiskey liking this beer, due to the oakiness and the smokey taste. Too me it was too strong, especially the aftertaste.

The list:

  1. Jólakaldi

  2. Þvörusleikir (my flatmate convinced me in the end, the taste is more interesting than 3, and it is more of a winter beer)

  3. Gæðingur Jólabjór

  4. Víking Jólabjór

  5. Gull Jólabjór

  6. Egils Malt Jólabjór

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