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Tauriel bugs me - the Hobbit movie thoughts

Tauriel could have been a cool character, like Bard or Bilbo. The person who sees the bigger picture, past the greed and pettiness. But instead she ran after a man she had one conversation with, because this is the only motivation a woman can have (to be fair, Legolas ran after her, if it weren't for people chasing each other for stupid reasons no one would have made it to the Lonely Mountain).

Peter Jackson seems to sometimes be confused about which movie he is making. Whenever Legolas appears I feel I'm watching a Super Mario Brothers play-through. Someone has to take the most ridiculous scenes and set it to video game music.
Then there are suddenly Dune worms in Middle Earth? And gone again, because Peter Jackson remembered he was doing the Hobbit.

What the heck was up with super powerful floater-zombie Galadriel?

Bilbo Baggins has a thousand times bigger balls than Frodo.

Thorin's voice changing to Smaug's was a neat effect and the scene where Bard kills the dragon was awesome.

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