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Becoming a famous blogger

Nahhhh, not really. I am however trying to widen my audience. When this blog started out it was a way for me to let my friends and family know what is going on with me while travelling the panamerican highway without having to write constant emails or having to join facebook.
During the 9 months I spent living the bohemian life in Valparaiso I became an accidental writer, starting a book about my travels and probably being influenced by my *American accent* awesome *American accent* flatmate Shannon.
The topics on my blog expanded from: "look at that picture of me" to politics, life musings and general observations about the country I was living in. And food, love food. I also think my writing got better (though the person editing my book at the moment is taken a suspiciously long time, it will be all marked red, with comments such as "grammer matters!").

I signed up on some expat blog websites as this is the closest my blog can be identified as (see links in the side bar). I also put my blog up on bloglovin, in case anyone is using that, click the links, like and make me famous!

I completely forgot, this is the internet, no complicated schemes needed. As I do not want to post porn, here the cutest cat gif I could find:

source:Catleecious (warning, might lead to time wasting at work)
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