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The dreaded letter

The screen of my laptop is dying. My computer needs are modest, so instead of buying an expensive new computer, I let my father send me a used one( from 2009). Unsurprisingly the package (also containing a game and a jacket, which had been too big for my luggage when I flew home after Christmas) is stuck at Icelandic customs who are demanding to know the worth of these items, so they can force me to pay an extraordinary amount of taxes for them.
Here is the ransom letter:

It is one of the frustrating things of living in Iceland, unless you are willing to carry your possessions bit by bit, with every visit home into the country you will have run ins with customs. If you ever make the mistake to actually buy something from amazon or the like, you will be surprised to find out that you do not only pay taxes on the original price, but on the price plus the shipping costs! And as shipping is expensive it happens that taxes are more than the original price of an item.

Now me and customs are going to fight over a computer worth approx. 100€ today. Just in case I'm planning to undermine the Icelandic electronics market by starting a black market for used computer, which I will let family members send into the country one by one...

Anyway: Yesterday night me and some friends went out for beers and watched northern lights dance over Harpa. A reminder why I live in Iceland after all.
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