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Lýsi week 3

I was really low on energy this week, which was unfortunate, because I had to do quite a lot of assignments for university. I also forgot to take it once, maybe I'm getting used to the dish washing liquid taste and should switch over to the fishy one for memorability (ugh!).

Here is my state of being for this week:

  • How fatigued was I this week? (full of energy to exhausted): 5 soooo tired

  • Fatigue interferred with my work, school or social life (Disagree - Agree ): 6(2) I managed to get all assignments done, though

  • Nights with insomnia: 2 same as last week

  • Severity of Acne outbreaks: 1 better than last week

  • Backpain this week (none to excrutiating): 3 same as last week

  • Sick?: 1 (No) same as last week

Total this week: 18 of 0 - 42
Last week: 17

My skin is the saving grace here, I do not feel like I'm 14 anymore, yay!

Possible confounder:
It's that time of the month
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