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Lýsi week 5

For some reason the University of Iceland decided to squash a three months course into three weeks. Fortunately I had studied statistics before (on my own, because I wanted to learn how to program in R, yes, I'm this kind of person), yet just reviewing all the material was a lot of work next to my regular physio job. Fortunately sleeping is not a problem for me these days, people are complaining about me not being fun and studying all the time though.

Here is my state of being for this week:

  • How fatigued was I this week? (full of energy to exhausted): 3 same as last week

  • Fatigue interferred with my work, school or social life (Disagree - Agree ): 5(2) can't wait to be done with this course and have time for other things

  • Nights with insomnia: 0 this is awesome and unexpected, it isn't even on the original scale...

  • Severity of Acne outbreaks: 1 same as last week (happy)

  • Backpain this week (none to excrutiating): 3 maybe all the time sitting on my desk

  • Sick?: 1 (No) same as last week

Total this week: 13 of 1 - 42
Last week: 13

Possible confounder:
As a student of statistics I have to admit I use the word confounder wrong. A confounder is a variable which influences both the explanatory as well as the outcome variable and therefore makes it look as if there is a relationship, which might not be.
School work is a lot.... (I like studying statistics, though)
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