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Lýsi week 6

This week was rough, both physically and emotionally. I had my last test this semester for university, so fortunately this is done now. This week was also the anniversary of my mums death and I did not sleep very well, which had nothing to do with taking Lýsi and is probably responsible for me being tired to the point of almost not functional.

Here is my state of being for this week:

  • How fatigued was I this week? (full of energy to exhausted): 4 worse than last week

  • Fatigue interfered with my work, school or social life (Disagree - Agree ): 6(2) More than last week. I think I was late to work on every day.

  • Nights with insomnia: 3 at least!

  • Severity of Acne outbreaks: 1 same as last week

  • Backpain this week (none to excrutiating): 2 less than last week

  • Sick?: 1 (No) same as last week

Total this week: 17 of 1 - 42
Last week: 13

Things I did not get to do:
- I did not go to board game night :(
- Late to work
- Union website had to be delayed
- Did not set up my new computer
- No blogging this week (sorry folks!)
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