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Here comes the sun....and then immediately hides

Pictures by Stefanie Mnich, all copyright reserved.

Friday was a very special day. First of all it was spring equinox. The days are now officially longer than the nights. Dark times are over, we made it hurrah!
It was also the day of the solar eclipse. We had expected to have trouble seeing it, as Icelandic weather usually consists of rain and wind and more rain and/or wind. However, by some crazy happenstance the one sunny day this year fell on last Friday. Maybe the old Nordic gods do exist, because the Ásatrúarfélag (Icelandic Pagan religion) used the timing of the eclipse to hold a ground braking ceremony for their first temple.
We thought of watching it, but did not find it, the eclipse provided enough entertainment anyway.

Afterwards we walked along the beach and had our first glimpse of summer. Sun! Sun! Suuuuuunnnnn!!!!!

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