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Pirated vegetables

These vegetables are copies. I was not aware of how easy vegetables can be regrown. Now that I am I decided to try regrowing every veggie which ends up in my fridge. I have tried so far with six kinds:

I love chard. After using the top I left the bottom in water for a few days until it developed roots. Then I constructed a self-watering flower pot out of an old sunflower oil bottle. I stabbed myself in the hand while making it, but the chard is growing nicely and I expect to eat it in two months.

I heard it can be planted the same as Chard, but mine never developed roots, so after one week of trying I threw it out.

One takes the Avocado seed and submerges the lower half in water for 1 week or more. roots will grow and then it can be planted. So the internet sais. I cannot verify this information.

Garlic is always sprouting in my fridge so I finally threw 3 of them into earth and after one week they had grown incredibly high. No cloves yet, but they look pretty.

Spring onions
Apparently on can simply set the stumps with the roots into water and they will regrow. Makes me wonder why I always bought new ones. I set the stumps into earth and after one week they are growing like crazy.

One can plant the seeds inside a chilli pepper the internet sais. I used my first try of self-watering flower pot and planted them yesterday. I'm exited to see if it works.

We are so used to buying things we forgot that some things can be easily made. My new general goal in life now is to be less of a consumer and more of a creator. My sub-goal is to regrow salad, because it is ridiculous expensive and the regrowing food websites say you can. The internet is an awesome place to find out how to do stuff like this.

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