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5 thing I love about living in Reykjavík

I have been not very positive about living in Iceland the last week. Our landlord kicked us out after we complained about it raining in. The winter seems to be going on forever. Instead of going on complaining I decided to focus on the things I like about living here.*

*Not mentioning the amazing nature because that is way too obvious.

  1. We had a training from the union in the library the other day and I forgot the suitcase of power when we left. I remembered ten minutes later and when I came to retrieve it it was still sitting on a table in the middle of the library. In other countries it might have been stolen, or seen as a bomb threat or blown up, but here, no worries.

  2. The city is full of cats and they are really friendly. I can get my daily dose of kitty love just by going into town. Here are a few of them

  3. Hot water. After living in several countries without central heating I appreciate waking up in the morning and not dreading leaving the covers. I am able to sit on my desk and write this without having to be wrapped up in blankets. It makes me feel so much more motivated to do anything but watching movies. Being able to have long hot showers without having to worry about gas running out is a luxury I would miss.

  4. Second hand stores. There are a lot of second hand stores, mostly run by the Red Cross or similar organisations. Half of my clothes were bought there, amongst others clothes from Zara or Desingual.

    Most of my furniture is from there as well.

  5. My friends. I have awesome friends. and going down Laugarvegur one usually meets someone one knows. As my Dutch flatmate would say, living in Reykjavik is heel gezellig

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