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The easter egg limit of Icelandic proficiency

Happy Easter!

Icelandic Easter eggs are not colourfully painted boiled eggs. They are hollow chocolate eggs with sweets and a piece of paper with a saying on it. I do not much care for it. The chocolate and sweets are not that good. Most frustratingly it seems no matter how much Icelandic I have learned I always fail to understand the sayings. I use only Icelandic at work, talking to my patients, during meetings and writing medical reports, but these little yellow pieces of paper are beyond me.
Apparently they are also beyond a lot of Icelandic people. Every Easter there are posts on Facebook from people who are asking what the saying they found in their Easter egg means. A lot of them are taken from poetry or old Icelandic texts, such as a Hávamál, an old Norse wisdom poem.
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