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The best Hamburger of Reykjavík

On some days a girl just craves a burger and a beer. For this reason I provide this guide to hamburgers in Reykjavík. It is not complete, it compares my usual haunts.

The cheapest - Stúdentakjallarinn
Located under the main building of the University of Iceland the Stúdentakjallarinn is the student bar and the prices are expectantly low.
They serve a good burger, not the best you will ever eat, but it comes with fries and a salad for only 930kr. The fries are made out of real potatoes. One can order add-ons such as bacon, cheese, mushrooms etc. The bar is almost always full of hungry and thirsty students and sometimes waiting times are long.

The best atmosphere - Vitabarinn
Located at Bergþórugötu 2 in the middle of 101 Reykjavík this is the place to meet for a quick burger before going out or for the hangover the day after. The burgers are comparable to the one from Stúdentakjallarinn, though a bit more expensive (1100kr for burger and fries).
The bar has been a neighbourhood hangout since as long as I can remember and the atmosphere mirrors that.

This is what a Hamburger tastes like - and free pickles! - Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar
They are located in a small joint at the harbour (Geirsgata 1), the interior consists of barstools and a few tables. It looks cool (posters everywhere), but is no place to sit and hang out.
It is the most expensive of the three: 1630kr for a burger, fries and a soft drink. The fries are awful, almost like from McDonalds and the whole thing does not fill you up.
But the burger, is a different category from the other two. The meat is thick and juicy, grilled just the right way.someone here knows what they are doing and that the fries, the bread, the veggies are just a distraction from what matters. One can get free mustard and pickles from the side table. I love pickles. I love this burger.
They do not serve beer, which means I have to sequence my burger and beer craving. Right across the street is Slippbarinn, so on two many Fridays then I'd like to admit it is burger and cocktails.
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