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Being thrifty

I have been travelling from country to country since I was 19. Therefor I have always been reluctant to buy a lot of things. With time I learned to be creative. I constructed a table out of a chessboard and an old shelf. I upcycled an old sweater to make fingerless gloves to sell. I made a nightstand out of wine bottles and a board. I also used wine bottles as water bottles, rolling pin, vase or a masher. We use old jars as glasses and I constructed self watering flower pots out of old oil bottles. Last weekend we wanted to have a BBQ. We first though of going to one of the BBQ places in some of the public parks, but then we were too lazy and hungry to walk all the way. We also had very little coal, so I constructed this small BBQ out of my waste bin, an old wok (without coating of course) and an oven grid.

My Dutch flatmate and me were very happy with this solution, while her boyfriend and my other flatmate were really scared it will "blow up?". We finally agreed to have a bucket of water next to it and everyone was happy.
Nothing blew up and we decided to clean the wok and keep it for further BBQing.

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