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The doctors as bad ex-boyfriends. A list.

Here is a very important list of the Doctors as bad ex-boyfriends:

  1. Will abduct you AND THEN complain about you coming along.

  2. Might be homeless, is definitely unemployed, very probably in trouble with authorities. A walking disaster you cannot let near anything or he will destroy it. You suspect it's all a clever ploy to avoid responsibility. It's working.

  3. Is always too busy with some important research to do ANY of the housework. 100% expects you to bring him coffee when he is working.

  4. His Tinder profile says "fun and adventurous" what it means is erratic and reckless. DO NOT let him "fix" your computer.

  5. He thinks a quirky accessory is a good replacement for a personality. It isn't. Will patiently explain to you why he is right about .... everything.

  6. Is either full of unearned confidence or suffering under crippling self-doubt. A drama queen, manages to make EVERYTHING about him

  7. He always has an elaborate plan for everything, including your life. He will never tell you what it is though.

  8. He is convinced he is in love with you, it is actually Nightingale Syndrome.

  9. You thought him being dark and tortured by his past was exciting. Then you found out that his past included war crimes,

  10. You get whiplash from the mood swings and a headache from the constant, uninterrupted talking.

  11. Is always late. Sometimes years. Also you suspect he is married, but he refuses to give you a straight answer. He might be unsure of it himself.

  12. Definitely going through a midlife crisis. It is not pretty.

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