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Picture of the week - Fun with flash

I was in my friends place near Blönduós and we were having fancy drinks. It was quite dark inside and I had no tripod and only my built in flash without diffuser, so I held the palm of my hand in front of the flash instead and used tungsten setting for white balance and viola:

So after I went home I tried several settings with my glasses on the nightstand. First without flash:

Then with flash (and set white balance to flash, too):

Then I used my hand and still flash light balance, as you see the white balance is totally off:

So I set white balance to tungsten:

Then I took a picture of my hand (with flash and flash white balance) and used that to do custom light balance:

Lastly I remembered I have a phone (which is silver), so I just used this as a diffuser (with flash white balance):

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