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I experienced a proper attack of lumbago today for the first time! (All my ex-employers are like: "what do you mean by first? how about all the times you called in sick because of back pain?!?!"). I'm excited! It is a proper attack, if I sit too long I have problem getting up and sudden movements are sub-optimal. The pain does not go all the way down the legs, though and I have 0 red flags. (If I had any red flags I would not be excited, but on my way to the hospital). So I did a McKenzie assessment on myself and as I thought I have a posterior derangement (known in German as Hexenschuss, which will be one of the cool words in the new category). I was a bit surprised at how painful bending forward was, I still cannot reach my toes, but I guess this is because of increased pressure on my disc during this movement and not an indication of preferred direction. Further tests confirmed this theory. So I gave myself extension exercises (standing and lying down) to do several times per day and fully expect to be pain free tomorrow, because McKenzie is amazing. Unless I spent too much time sitting down writing blog posts.
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