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REM in a nutshell playlist

This took some time, but here is my very short playlist.

A side: 5 songs, which perfectly represent REM

  1. Gardening at Night
  2. Fall on Me
  3. It's the End of the World
  4. Losing my Religion
  5. Man on the Moon

B side: My favourites

  1. Feeling Gravity's Pull
  2. You are the Everything
  3. I've Been High

Concerts to watch
1985, Bochum, Germany They were so young! It was recorded by the local TV/Radio station and I would stay up late to watch it when it came on.
Unplugged, 1991 Needs no explanation

Other things
Song exploder: Losing my religion. Mainly because they managed to get Bill Berry on board and he is delightful.

Best discoveries I made while writing this blog
The Christmas singles. I loved listening to them again over Christmas. They are so much fun and worth this whole project alone.

When my friend from the previous post and I were putting together music for our Iceland road trip she was insistent to have Shiny Happy People with us, because it is her favourite REM song. This is why we are friends, we get the necessity for silliness.

I wish they had used accordion and dulcimer om more songs.

--- THE END ---

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