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pe_pplog v2.1b December 3rd, 2013
"posts" was printed instead of the entry number when editing a new entry
Emails stred locally were bening overwritten
Lightboxes not working in Chrome and IE
Changed the way entries were sorted out from posts as the old way could lead to no entries per page for the index
Spelling mistakes

Some css improvements
Simplifing path specifications

Possible to delete emails when they are saved locally
Comment preview

pe_pplog v2.1a Nov 7th, 2013
When deletinga post, the comments belonging to the posts did not get deleted
Minor spelling and punctuation fixes

Fixing path issues, to make it possible for the blog to be in a subdirectory
Config option for search engine robots behavious
Taken out target=_blank for links
Smilies are now seperate buttons next to textfield
Bbcode help update
added .htacces file for live server environment

took out prettyPhoto
css lightboxes for pictures or text
option to set program for sending mail or having mails stored as private messages
show private messages plugin
make a new Gallery script (for css lightboxes)
script to make notes (to publish later)

Added localisation (DE, EN, EL, ES) with a CUSTOM option to add additional languages.

took out $config_banMessage, is now a string in localisation

27.07.13 v.2b
#changes to the login, stats and ban to work with a reverse proxy (using X_HEADER_FORWARD and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO)
#add a viewport for mobile to make it display in a readable size
elsif (r('do') eq $config_pluginsBlog[$_] && r('do') ne '')
elsif (grep {$_ eq r('do') } @config_pluginsBlog)

as it was not working with some versions of perl
#Stats in the admin section do only show if enabled

Some tweaks
#prettyPhoto disabled for small devices
#automatic redirect to https when $config_HTTPSlogin = 1
#css style mainly determined by main css file (colors, font, backgrounds)
#error messages for login in case cookies can't be set
#If Javascript is disabled pictures in galleries pop up on hover (only if no seperate thumbnails are used)

From sc0ttman (thanks :)!)
#able to change and modify style sheet in editConfig

pe_pplog v2a June 21st, 2013
#Added plugin section to the main blog and admin page
#Plugins: contact page, edit the Config file from within the blog, create a gallery

#Added a mobile and print style
#css updated degrade nicer if the browser does not support html
#javascript tooltips exchanged for css solution

#More secure login: possible to choose only to login with https and IP address check
#Stats for the main blog shown in the menu of the admin page
#Back up file in case pe_Config is corrupted and warning message on the admin page
#possible to add scripts to the admin page ($config_customHTMLadmin)

#added newest version of prettyPhoto and JQuery 1.9.1

pe_pplog v1.1b June 13th, 2013
25.05.13 Archive bugfix from Jamesbond
13.06.13 Login fix to make it work with Hiawatha

3.05.2013 version 1.1a
#Added JQuery prettyPhoto

#devided the blog in a main blog, admin page, subroutine and config options script
#login for admin page, no need to enter passwords for individual actions as admin
#moved to sub: archive, search, listComments, Bbcode help page, BBcode Buttons html, Javascript and JQuery code
#new front page and show pages page for admin page
#possible to check "is HTML" for a post when creating or editing entry

#rewrote show archive to get the months in correct order, added JQuery effect and pages
#former dead end pages (eg: "entry has been added") now returns to "view detailed" or index
#made it possile to use more than 1 category for a post

#changed the BBcode somewhat to allow for use of all the prettyPhoto options added buttons and a help page
#took out WYSIWYG editor (was not working)

#took out a lot of $config_options added custom html options and cleaned it up a bit
#updated to html5, use of some JQuery effects, corrected spelling mistakes and prettyfied blog and css

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