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pe_pplog demo page

Main menu

Installation instructions (zip file)

Extract this file to the root of your web server

Rename HTACCESS => .htaccess

-Test:(Start your webserver) and point your browser to http://localhost/pe_pplog, you should see the blog main page with the welcome message

If possible: move the folder /blog to anywhere outside the webserver root (for example /home/documents/)

Open, and in a text editor

In and go to line 32 for
'do "./blog/" or (require "./blog/"); '
change the . for the paths to the /blog folder to where you have just moved it, for example:
'require "/home/documents/blog/" ' and 'require "/home/documents/blog/" '

#set your password
# at "$config_DatabaseFolder = './blog/posts' "
change paths of the /blog folder as above, for example:
"$config_postsDatabaseFolder = '/home/documents/blog/posts'"

Making the posts and comments folders writeable for the webserver
# What is the username and usergroup for your webserver (traditionally it is "nobody")
# open a terminal
type in "chown -R username:usergroup /the path to /blog" and enter

-Test again:(Start your webserver) and point your browser to http://localhost/
you should see the blog main page with the welcome message. Write your first post :)

Change other options in according to your liking
Styling options can be changed in css (open with text editor)
If you have old posts you want to import into the new pplog use /blog/ (open in terminal)

Error message: Object not found... Did you put the files in the root of your webserver?
copy and paste the files to the root of the web server.
Did you type the correct path into the browser?
Error message: Permission denied...
You might have to change the permissions for them to be executable for your webserver (chmod a+x /path../to../ and
Is your server set up to execute CGI (perl) scripts? (look in the config file of your web server)
Sometimes when running cgi scripts from cgi-bin, they need to be renamed: -> pe_pplog (eg. in the lampp webserver)
Error message: Server not found... Is the webserver running?

Error message: Software error... Have you given the correct path to the /blog folder as described above?
Have you changed the file lately? There might be a syntax error (most of the time a missing ' or ;)!

Cannot write new posts/comments... Does the webserver have the permission to write into the /posts and /comments folder?
See making the posts and comments folder writeable above

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