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Installation instruction for pet packages

There are two pets available, one for a hiawatha webserver installlation in root/Web-Server (inbuilt in all the main puppys) and another for a lampp installation in opt/lampp.
Please note that the pet does NOT work if the lampp installation is somewhere else and only has a symlink in opt/lampp. It will overwrite the symlink.
In some puppys hiawatha gives a "warning:error redirect stdout" and therefore cannot run scripts, this is solved by adding writing permission for all in /dev/null.
Install the pet with petget, change the configuration settings of the blog in /root/blog/
For the hiawatha pet, the blog will be found at http://localhost/ and in the lampp installation at http://localhost/cgi-bin/pe_pplog
In case anything goes wrong, please refer to the README file in /root/blog

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