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The idea of this blog is to be as simple as it can be, with the possibility to be as complicated as you want it to be.

In it's core it is a simple blog, with comments, search, pages, archive and simple statistics.

Plugins already included in the download are:
A contact me page (you can set which program to use to send mail, or have the mail saved on the server as a private message, if not program is available)
Change settings and style online
Make a gallery out of pictures in a folder (can be edited like any other post)
Receive private messages (instead mails)
Upload files, upload folders can be specified in the configuration, up to 2 subfolders are shown, MIME types allowed can be specified

The blog uses JQuery and following plugins have been tested:

An event calendar
Include all kinds of feeds (social sites, rss)
Social share buttons in menu or on posts

Other things that can be added:
Embed an irc chat room
XMPP chat room as widget
google translate

Any smiley placed in the smilies folder will automatically become a button on posts and comments

Custom translations can be added in the configuration file

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