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Some issues

The notes plugin and it's implementation have a few issues:

  • When writing a new note it did not show the note after submitting, but the entry with the same file number.

  • When deleting a note the comments belonging for the post with the same file name also got deleted

  • Comments issue

  • Sometimes comments get posted twice

  • Other things

  • The bbcode is in an unusual form, needs standardization

  • The code is messy, lot's of duplicated code

  • I'm at the moment working on the above and even adding some more enhancements, such as comment preview, having galleries created via bbcode instead of relying on an extra plugin and maybe offering other options (such as markup) instead of bbcode. Also some css/html changes to allow for more different themes.
    Look at to see the latest developments

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    xss test   Posted on 0 Apr 2014, 21:58 by me
    XSS test

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    xss prevented

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