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Redesigning forms

The forms in the pplog were in table format. This is actually bad design practice as it means a lot of unused white space and forms resizing badly to smaller screens.
See this example:

I redesigned them using the <legend>, <p> and <label> tags, which does not onlz have the advantage of using the space more efficiently and resizing nicely

but also makes the forms accessible for people using screen readers. I decided to get rid of the captcha, as it was easy for a spambot to circumvent and decided to give the possibility to prompt for random questions instead. I also added a honeypot to fool spambots. These measures should be effective against robots, the only thing helping against trolls is using the security question as a password.

While I was at it I added some bells and whistles to the new/edit entry forms:

Now when checking and unchecking "isHTML" the bbcode buttons disappear and reappear and existing categories are in a select box

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