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Germany part three: All of the Milchers

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The actual purpose of my trip to Germany was a family reunion organized by my father for his 70s birthday. It was very relaxed, except for the UNO game in the evening.

UNO games with my family is a tradition and can get intense:

I won and my brother almost cried. It was fun.

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Germany part two: visiting an English Krabat

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Krabat is a Wendish Folktale about an apprentice in a mill which is a secret black magic school. It was also one of my favourite books when I was a kid.
Therefore I was very exited when a friend from Iceland moved to an abandoned water mill in the middle of nowhere in Germany. It helps that I have a soft spot for abandoned buildings in general.
The mill is awesome, the surrounding woods are full of old oak tress and there are cute little piggies. If my friend is becoming an evil black sorcerer he is hiding it very well.

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Germany part one: Sun, flowers and ice cream

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My first stop in Germany was Bremen where I visited a friend I have not seen since 2014 for two days.
I spent them in a state of flowers and sun induced bliss.

The main activities were dancing, playing dodge ball in the park with a group of refugees, sun bathing and ice cream eating.

I decided that sitting in an ice cream café eating sundaes is one of the few parts of German culture, which needs to be shared and cherished.

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Going to Germany!

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I'm going to Germany tomorrow and am looking forward to eating my weight in strawberries and asparagus. Here is the program for my Germany tour:

I hope to see a lot of my friends and am of course looking forward to see my family again.
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A slightly sarcastic review of our new favourite place to drink cocktails

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It is spring and we wanted to go somewhere new for our Friday after work drinks. As luck would have it, a new place just opened on Ingólfstorg, called Sæta Svinið. It has both the cheapest happy hour cocktails and my personal favourite "Dark and Stormy" a rum based gingery affair.

There were however a few things we found amusing, especially after the second round. The people who work there are extremely happy. Like on happy pills happy. I have a deep respect for the Icelandic: "I work here to gain money for my free time and smiling is too hard until then." service industry culture and to see all these smiling waiters was jarring.
Then there was a menu confusion (solved by one of these smiling singularities). There is a lunch and dinner menu, however, some of the lunch menu items have asterisks indicating they are not available for dinner, however as it turns out on the dinner menu, they are.
The most ridiculous thing however, was what they did to the Margarita. Don't get me wrong, I think a strawberry or blueberry Margarita is a good idea, but when juice, rather than Tequila or triple sec is the main ingredient and it is served with half a glass full of crushed ice without a salt rim, I get confused.
It does not help when the straw (which should not even be there) is so short that it actually is unusable.

The Daiquiris are nice, though, but have the same straw problem. Also they have a lot of good beer which does not require straws!

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