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Picture of the week - Fun with flash

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I was in my friends place near Blönduós and we were having fancy drinks. It was quite dark inside and I had no tripod and only my built in flash without diffuser, so I held the palm of my hand in front of the flash instead and used tungsten setting for white balance and viola:

So after I went home I tried several settings with my glasses on the nightstand. First without flash:

Then with flash (and set white balance to flash, too):

Then I used my hand and still flash light balance, as you see the white balance is totally off:

So I set white balance to tungsten:

Then I took a picture of my hand (with flash and flash white balance) and used that to do custom light balance:

Lastly I remembered I have a phone (which is silver), so I just used this as a diffuser (with flash white balance):

Picture of the week - Double exposed gate

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This time I just played with the opacity of the upper layer (the writing). This is the last one, I swear.

Picture of the week - Double exposed Pagoda - how to

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I did not save the picture of the pagoda, so this guide is text only. First I opened up the picture of the pagoda and the courtyard as layers in gimp, with the courtyard on top. Then I set the courtyard layer to "screen" in blending options and viola. There are more intrinsic ways to this, using masks and what not, but this worked well enough for me.

Picture of the week - High Key Lake

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A bit grainy, but what can ya do?

Picture of the Week - Lonely Mountain

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turns out the area between Mývatn and Egilsstaðir is perfect to take pictures of nothing.

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