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Picture of the week - Lockets on Emei mountain

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Lockets on the Emei Mountain in Sichuan province in China. Usually I do not like pictures taken with my mobile phone, but this one turned out well.


Picture of the week - Chinglish

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Usually you see examples of Chinglish as bad translations of Chinese into English. But you can also have the opposite. Here is a word for word translation of English phrases into Chinese. This is probably how I sound like to Chinese speakers, especially as I have not practised for months now...


Picture of the week - Selfie

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Woman taking a selfie in the traditional Zhu's Family Garden in the centre of JianShui. The modern buildings of the city can be seen in the background.


Picture of the week - But where did it go?

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But where did it go?


Picture of the week - Flower popart

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I'm still not done playing with gimp and my flower picture. I went back to the pictures I created in the last post and decided to make a popart inspired series using the hue/chroma tool. The hue part of the tool basically takes the colours in a picture and moves them an equal distance along the colour wheel. I played around with it until I found 3 colours I liked additional to the original.

In black:

And white:

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