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I sold my first bread today!

Now I'm rich, well 1000pesos richer.
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Happy Birthday!

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Today is Michael Stipes birthday, consequently REM is playing everywhere, reminds me of my teenage years...


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I have been diligently feeding my sourdough the last 5 days and made my first bread with it today. I did not expect much, as sourdough gets better the more mature it is, but it turned out pretty well:

The bread did not survive the wine, bread and cheese binge which followed...

This is the view from our balcony btw

I totally know where my towel is...

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... no thanks to me.
After 9 months I finally unpacked my bags somewhere. Time to go out and get a big fat bath towel to wrap myself in when I'm walking from MY shower to MY bedroom. So I thought, just to miscalculate the cost of such a towel and be 1000 pesos short in the shop. Embarrassing! I apologised to the friendly lady behind the counter for wasting her time, when the elderly gentleman next to me offered to buy me the towel. The stubbornly independent part of me was shaking her head, while my cheap side was going: Jay, free towel!

My cheap side won, my new towel is big and fluffy and orange.
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