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A week ago, on the puppy forum I posted this in the SJPPLOG thread:

As I said before, the archive was 

not displaying the months in the correct
order, here is my patch for the archive.
For my own use I included the possibility to
assign more than one category to a post.
Use a ' such as: category1'category2 and no

If anyone feels this is useful, the two patches
are attached, but no guarantees!

And today this happened (I'm efiabruni):


bugfixes and new features (thanks to efiabruni and jamesbond)

I other words, my code was seen and used in the new version! And I had been nervous about putting my code out there to begin with. Now I might actually be brave enough to promote the pe_pplog in general. Time to open a thread in the "additional software" category...
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